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Q: "If you can brew 2 beers on your turn, do you turn over 2 event cards?"
A: No. You never turn over more than one event card during the event phase.

Q: "If you draw a card from another player after an event card dictates ("Brewers visit Your Pub" or "Assistant Goofed Up") does that player draw another card at any point to replace the one that was taken from them?
A: No, the player does not draw another card immediately. Note that they will get to refill their hand up to six cards at the end of their next turn.

Q: "The directions say you should put down a crowd marker, if possible, each time you brew. Does this mean you have to?"
A: Yes. If you are out of markers you have to move a marker from another style and place it where you just brewed.

Q: Several event cards say they do not apply to the "leader." If two or more players are tied for the lead, what happens?
A: All players who are tied for the lead are considered to be in the lead. If two players are tied for the lead, for example, the event card would not apply to either of them.

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