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The BrewMaster Game was named one of the best family games of 2003 by Games Magazine. Read the review from the magazine's November 2002 issue.

"All in all, we really enjoyed playing BrewMaster and definitely will do so more in the future. Its fun, fast paced theme games are a great casual time-killer for beer lovers everywhere and may even contribute to your knowledge of beer brewing."
--Game Monkeys Magazine, a popular online game fan site. Click here for entire story.

"If you are a beer lover, you owe it to yourself to try out this game. It's fun and you'll learn a lot about that tasty beverage you like to drink."
--John T. Lee, Games Unplugged magazine, May 2002

"I most heartily recommend this game to anyone interested in beer, games or both."
--Jay R. Brooks, assistant publisher, Celebrator Beer News.
Read the full review.

"Brewmaster was fun, fast and absolutely un-German."
--Peter Rowe, the San Diego Union-Tribune.
Read the full review.

"When I first saw the huddle of brewers around a table at the (American Homebrewers Association) Conference, I assumed they were talking beer. It was even better, they were playing beer. I sat in, shared a pint with some friends, created some recipes, won some medals and had a great time. BrewMaster is awesome fun for beer lovers."
-- Paul Gatza, Director, Institute for Brewing Studies

"From the artistic creation of different beer styles to the race for gold
medals, 'BrewMaster' does an incredible job of capturing what craft brewing
is all about."
-- Brit Antrim, Anderson Valley Brewing Co.

"If you like craft beer, you will find that BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game is a great deal of fun."
Martin Morse Wooster,  Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, February-March 2002

"I've just ordered 4 more sets of the game for some friends. The 8 that I've given, and presented to pro brewers, have been really well received. Thanks again for filling this niche need!"
-- Jaime Jurado, Director of Brewing Operations, The Gambrinus Company 

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