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Freshness program undergoes changes

The Freshness Assurance Program is getting a slight make-over in 2002.

The changes will make it easier for homebrew shops to become involved in this White Labs Inc. program. At the same time, White Labs has lowered the price on FAP shipments while still delivering the same guaranteed freshness that shop owners have come to expect.

"The freshness assurance program has been the one of the best advancements in the homebrew industry since liquid yeast itself," said Mike Greenblatt, White Labs general manager. "The changes will make it even better."

The Freshness Assurance Program offers great incentives for participating shops to stock all 33 homebrew strains plus two platinum strains.

Here are the changes in 2002:

-- Shops only need to sign up for the program once in order to participate. The shop only needs to notify White Labs if it decides to discontinue its participation.

-- The shop will then automatically receive a FAP shipment at the beginning of each quarter. The FAP shipment will contain one complete strain set (one vial each of WL regular strains, and each of the two current Platinum strains). 

-- Shops will receive handsome racks for storing and displaying the yeast, for a nominal cost (in the form of a deposit). These racks will only be available for shops participating in the Freshness Assurance Program.

These changes took effect in January 2002 for those shops currently enrolled in the program, and all new shops who would like to participate.

For more information and to sign up for the Freshness Assurance program, call 1-888-5-Yeast-5 or or