Familiar face joins White Labs

JoAnne Carilli, a longtime professional in the beer trade, has joined White Labs as its new brewery products manger.

Carilli brings four years of experience with the Association of Brewers, where she served as marketing manager. She will work out of White Labs’ Colorado office.

Carilli said she wanted to work for White Labs because of its company philosophy, which she described as upbeat.

"They know how to treat customers. When you talk with someone who has dealt with White Labs, they have only good things to say. They want to work with you for the long-term, not just make the quick sale."

Carilli recently got started by calling clients, many of whom she already knew from past experience.

White Labs said they expect JoAnne will help solidify the company’s reputation in the brewing world given her enthusiasm , knowledge and work ethic.

"We heard great things about JoAnne from those in the brewing industry. She is a great addition to the team," said Chris White, company president.

To contact JoAnne, call 1-888-5-Yeast-5 or email jcarilli@whitelabs.com.