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White Labs opens new sales office

A new and more spacious White Labs sales office in Boulder, CO, provides immediate benefits to customers.

Situated strategically near the middle of the country, the office is the main call center for White Labs and its location provides a great window of opportunity for people to reach the lab whether they are located on the West Coast, East Coast or somewhere in between.

A larger Colorado sales office the office for several years was located in nearby Niwot has allowed White Labs to expand its staff.

The lab has added customer service staff members so that customer questions and orders will continue to be handled promptly and efficiently. Two new staff members were hired in January.

The office continues to be headed by JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson, Sales and Marketing Manager for White Labs. The only difference is that now, she actually has an office.

The Colorado office is located at 5455 Spine Road, Mezzanine East, Boulder, CO, 80301. The telephone number is the same, as well as the fax number: 888-5-YEAST-5 (US & Canada only) or 303-530-0469 locally, and the fax is 888-693-1026 (US & Canada only) or locally, 303-530-3816.

Email us with any questions about our new quarters or call us at the numbers above.

Our production facility and administration office remains at its longtime location in San Diego, CA, although activities at this site are continuing to increase and staff members are finding new ways to maximize space. We will report more on this quest in a future issue.