New yeast nutrient now 
available in North America
(The following article applies to brewing professionals only. White Labs also has Servomyces packages for homebrewers. Click here for the homebrewing article.)

A yeast nutrient that has garnered headlines in Europe and elsewhere is available to professional brewers in the United States and Canada.

Servomyces, which has been credited with dramatic increases in yeast viability and overall beer flavor, is being sold to North American brewers exclusively through White Labs Inc., a major manufacturer of liquid yeast for brewers and winemakers.

"We are excited about this product, because we know it will make brewers’ lives a lot easier and more productive," said Chris Mueller, White Labs’ Vice President. "We expect that Servomyces will become an industry standard, both here and abroad."

Developed by a team of scientists at Munich University and Weihenstephan, in conjunction with Lallemand, the nutrient is being used widely in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark, among other countries.

Brewers in Japan and Africa have also experimented with the nutrient and reported outstanding results.

Brewers in these countries have reported a number of positive outcomes, including fermentation that was almost five days faster than normal; better flocculation; and improved yeast viability. Users have also reported that Servomyces has resulted in the elimination of harsh sulphury notes and the reduction in the level of diacetyl in the end of primary fermentation.

Plus, the beer has a smoother overall flavor.

The nutrient, which is patented, is unique because it is a biological substance without chemicals or additives. Because it is natural, it falls within the Rienheitsgebot, or German brewing laws.

In its own independent tests, White Labs found that Servomyces generated 1/3 more yeast growth and accelerated fermentation.

Each packet has enough nutrient for 10 barrels. It should be used in each batch of beer. The easy-to-use product is added during the final 10 minutes of the boil.

White Labs offers a steep volume discount on this product. The normal price per package is $5.95. But brewers save $24 when they buy 20 packages for $95. Call 1-888-5-Yeast-5 for more information.