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News from the Lab

By Neva Parker
White Labs

Here in the lab, we’ve been busy little beavers! Over the past few months, one of our major focuses has been expanding our production plant.

Our production area has undergone many changes — we have tripled our clean room area and are making space for large-scale yeast propagators with custom Frings aeration systems. Frings is a German company that White Labs has entered into a working relationship with; not only will White Labs use these new propagators, White Labs will represent them for North American sales. If your interested in learning more about these propagators let us know. Also on the agenda are the fermentation trials we have been performing on several yeast strains. One new strain that we are excited to release is WLP566 Saison II. This yeast has more fruity ester production than with WLP565. It is moderately phenolic, with a clove-like characteristic in finished beer flavor and aroma. We hope you enjoy!

Another area of focus has been the White Labs Gas Chromatograph, which has been getting a good amount of use in the last few months.

Currently we have an ethanol percentage test up and running and are very close to having a VDK (Diacetyl) test to compliment our other test. Future tests include esters, particularly ethyl acetate, which will be useful as another tool to confirm yeast purity and integrity.

We are also working on tests for acetaldehyde, dimethyl sulfide (DMS), and fusel alcohols. We will be keeping you updated as we keep adding more GC tests to our current services.

I only have time for a brief report from the lab for this issue. After all I have to get back to work on all these improvements. I will update you again in the fall issue.

Neva Parker is lab manager for White Labs.