New Products and Services
Learn about the latest White Labs services and products.

Winter 2005

Diamond Lager Yeast is a good alternative for many brewers.

Fall 2004

White Labs introduces Servomyces packages for homebrewers.

Fall 2004

Tips for starting an in-house testing program.

Fall 2004
White Labs offers further instructions for using liquid malolactic cultures.

Spring 2004
White Labs Inc., Pure Yeast & Fermentation now offers liquid malolactic culture for the home winemaker.

First quarter 2003

Read about the new specials and products for 2003.
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Second quarter 2002

New Web site is a yeast and beer sciences gold mine.
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Second Quarter 2001

Learn about the new Platinum Strains and take advantage of specials for the upcoming holidays.
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White Labs has also introduced a new yeast nutrient called Servomyces during this quarter.

First Quarter 2001
In a significant change, White Labs boosts its homebrewing offerings to a total of 35 vials, including Platinum Strains.
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And click here to read a question-and-answer session about the new strains.

The above stories provide information about one of many new offerings at White Labs for this quarter. For more visit here. 

Third Quarter 2000
White Labs introduces new vials that could set an industry standard for durability.
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White Labs also announces other new products and specials, including news about a soon-to-be released nutrient.
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Second Quarter 2000
White Labs has announced that it is releasing a long line of wine strains. Although the company has long made its award-winning products available to winemakers, it is now opening its line to hobbyists and professionals alike.
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White Labs also has a full range of products on special during  the Second Quarter of 2000.
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First Quarter 2000
Find information here about the Platinum Series and brewers calendars.
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