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  Specials/White Labs

Cinco De Mayo Special

Get ready for Cinco De Mayo and receive 10% off an Ale Strain when you order a Lager.

New Strains to look for: WLP009 Australian Ale, WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt

The Platinum Series

Every other month we release two new strains for the homebrew market. These are part of our special "Platinum Series." We release these to give you, the retailer, something new and the homebrewer something interesting to play with.

These strains are from our private library. We encourage your feedback. If there is enough demand, we will offer these strains as a year-round item; currently, they are offered two months a year.

  • February, March Platinum Strain: WLP565 Saison I, WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt.

  • April, May Platinum Strain: WLP550 Belgian Ale and WLP003 German Ale II.

Brewer’s Calendar

Did you receive your White Labs’ "year at a glance" wall calendar? If not, please let us know. They are a collector's item and will show you all our specials and new releases for the year 2000. They are retailing for $8-$10. Retailers, call for wholesale prices.

For information about these or other products, call 1-888-5 YEAST 5.