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White Labs introduces new strains
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White Labs Inc. has vastly increased the number of yeast strains it offers to homebrew stores, from 18 to 33. With the addition of two Platinum Strains released every other month, homebrew stores can now stock as many as 35 White Labs yeast strains at any one time.

The move is sure to satisfy a homebrewing crowd eager for new choices as well as old favorites.

White Labs has long offered many of the new strains to professional brewers. After hiring more staff and purchasing additional equipment, including more propagation vessels, the company is now able to supply these same strains to homebrewers.

Why make such investments in the homebrewing market?

"We believe 100 percent in the future of the homebrewing market, and we are committed to making homebrewers happy," said company President Chris White.

"Customers have been asking us for more strains, and now we will be able to provide them," White added.

Some of the new strains include the increasingly popular California V (WLP051), Hefeweizen IV (WLP380), and American Lager Yeast (WLP840). The company is also offering such cult favorites as Saison (WLP565), English Cider (WLP775), and Belgian Abbey (WLP530).

In another major change, White Labs is implementing an exchange policy for stores that do not sell all strains prior to the expiration dates. To participate in the program, the stores must stock all 35 strains. The program does have certain restrictions, so for more details, contact White Labs at 1-888-5-YEAST-5.

The following is a list of most of the new homebrewing strains. For more details about individual strains, click here.


WLP007- High Gravity English Ale Yeast
WLP009- Australian Ale Yeast
WLP011- European Ale Yeast
WLP036- Dusseldorf Alt Yeast
WLP051- California Ale V Yeast


WLP380- Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast
WLP530- Abbey Ale Yeast
WLP550- Belgian Ale Yeast
WLP565- Belgian Saison I Yeast


WLP775- English Cider Yeast


WLP838- Southern German Lager Yeast
WLP840- American Lager Yeast