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New Products and Specials
Third Quarter 2000
The following article contains information about better vials, the power of stickers, a new yeast nutrient, and brochures.

Vials keep yeast safe

FOR HOMEBREW STORES -- What do you think of our new vials? Check out to see just how leakproof and breakproof and shipping-friendly these are. We have tested them by sending one to Australia and back. Not only did it arrive safely, it fermented beautifully.

A 7-hour lag time and a delicious IPA was enjoyed by all.

If you are interested in reading more about our new, more durable vials, click here.

Stickers promote sales

FOR HOMEBREW STORES -- Store owners around the country tell us that yeast recommendation stickers are responsible for increasing sales by as much as 20 percent. First, a little explanation: We offer free rolls of yeast choice stickers perfect for can kits, boxed kits and recipe sheets. Just take a pen, mark one or two strains of yeast that you would suggest for the beer and let the stickers convert your customers to White Labs Liquid Yeast users.

This will do two great things: It will provide you with better profits and more importantly, it will help your customers make better beer, resulting in more beer being consumed by their friends, which will steam-roll, resulting in all their friends buying kits and supplies. You can retire rich in the Bahamas, all thanks to placing the stickers on your can kits, boxed kits and recipe sheets.

Call us up and we will ship the stickers right out. You’ll have to make your own arrangements for your Bahamas trip, however.

Viagra for your yeast

FOR PROFESSIONAL BREWERS -- Lallemand, a major dry yeast supplier for the wine, beer, and baking industry, has developed a special yeast nutrient called Servomyces. We are working with Lallemand to bring Servomyces to North America.

We tested the product in our laboratory. After receiving incredible results, we knew we had to have Servomyces in our product  line. It fits into our philosophy of "We want the craft brewers to have all the tools to make the best beer possible."

Why is it so great? Because it is the best way to produce consistent brewing. Tests show 1/3 more yeast growth and accelerated fermentation.

We are seeing one to two days less fermentation time.

Pete Crowley of Rock Bottom Chicago told us, "I had my first generation finishing out in one-and-a-half days. I also had a more consistent pitch from generation to generation. The yeast is definitely healthy, happy and productive."

This could be the greatest asset to a brewers consistency since the development of pitchable yeast slurries.

What is it? It is a patented product, natural, and additive-free. It is the next generation. Because it is natural, it falls within the Rienheitsgebot, or German brewing laws. We are working with Lallemand on a home brewing package. Stay tuned for more details and release dates.

Brochure helps sell more

FOR HOMEBREW STORES -- We have produced a new Point of Sale brochure that should be of interest to shop owners. It features all the wine strains and a schedule for the platinum series. This is a perfect format to use as a mailer. Just place your contact information on it and send it out to your customers. It includes two outstanding recipes from award-winning professional brewers.