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White Labs introduces better vials
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White Labs Inc. has introduced new leakproof vials for homebrewers that could set new industry standards for durability, functionality, and sales.

The company recently unveiled the vials after a two-year search that involved negotiations with major suppliers in the United States and other countries as well as rigorous testing.

While the new vials cost considerably more both to acquire and to ship, homebrew shops needn’t worry. White Labs is picking up the additional cost.

"We believe this is the best possible holding vessel available anywhere, by any company," said Christopher White, president of White Labs. "We think customers will agree."

The new vials represent a dramatic shift for the company, which had used polyurethane tubes since its founding in 1995. While the tubes held up considerably well under even extreme pressure, the company lately had received calls that some of the vials had leaked. When they heard of these concerns, company officials accelerated their search for a long-term solution.

The vials they eventually settled on are made by a company that has many years of experience producing packages for industrial and commercial users.

Customers who have already received the new packages say they are pleased.

"I just got our shipment in and am very impressed with your improvements," Phil Mathis of Homebrew Adventures ( wrote recently.

"I'm glad to see you listen to your customers and worked to solve a problem that we were having. I looked forward to all of us making some money on a quality product!"

Customers may soon have more things to be pleased about. The company believes the vials will contribute to greater yeast viability and health and could lead to longer "use before" dates.

And unlike the previous vials, the new ones can be recycled like normal soda bottles. But they are much more durable than the average Coca Cola bottle.

The company’s rigorous testing of the vials included running them over with a car, throwing them against a wall and creating new pressure in the vials by adding sugar. Despite the added pressure, the vials still did not leak.

Same dimensions

Like the previous vials, the new versions are two-ounce containers that are packaged with a little more than one ounce of liquid yeast.

Settling on a new package leaves White Labs officials time to do what they do best.

"We can now focus 100 percent on making the world’s best yeast," White said.