Web site updated with ordering options
Other changes include recipe database

White Labs Inc. has introduced a new Web site with many changes and upgrades.

The updated site (www.whitelabs.com) includes many things people have come to expect from the site, including a yeast database. Only now, the database is easier to navigate and more user-friendly. Plus, the database points brewers to the best strains for particular brew styles.

White Labs has also created the site as a tool for brewers and homebrewers. Among the many new changes is a recipe section. This will be updated regularly to cover all White labs strains.

In another change, the site includes online ordering options for both stores and consumers. The change has met with acceptance from stores because those who order online are generally not in areas served by homebrew stores.

In addition, the online store makes it easier than ever for stores to reorder strains and supplies. Yeast and yeast knowledge is just a click away!