White Labs’ customers brew some of the best and most innovative beers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company also sells yeast to the homebrewing community. This section is dedicated to customer profiles as well as occasional stories on White Labs employees. 

Winter 2005

David Edgar, who has extensive experience in the craft brewing world, joins White Labs.

Spring 2004
Great Fermentations owner talks about the evolution of her store and her customers.

First quarter 2003
Robert Christian opened Beer Essentials in 1994, and the store continues to grow.
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Second quarter 2002

A revival of homebrew begins in Tempe, Arizona.
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First quarter 2002

A New York brewer finds success by experimenting in Belgian and obscure styles.
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Fourth Quarter 2001

Hopunion has new owners, but their longtime commitment to good hops remain the same.
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Third Quarter 2001

Change isn't always bad, as one family learned when its small hardware store was threatened by competition from big retail outlets. The family's salvation: the brewing world. 
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Second Quarter 2001
Yes, being good to customers is important, Joel Rea has learned during his eight years as a homebrew shop owner in Oregon. And knowing as much as possible about beer and brewing also helps.
But Rea also learned an important lesson recently – one that business people have discovered time and again since the dawn of commerce.
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First Quarter 2001
Marty Mendiola has been asked a lot of questions since winning a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for his "Bumble Beer Honey Ale," including: "What kind of honey did you use?" He answers these and other questions in a one-on-one with The Yeastbank.
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Third Quarter 2000:

Scott Day opened a brewing supply store eight years ago with the intention of reaching a broader audience than just homebrewers. Now, during leaner times in the industry, it may be wise for others to follow his example.
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Second Quarter 2000:
When Jose Antonio Gonzales opened the first micro in Northern Mexico, he encountered the same challenges that brewers in the U.S. faced at the dawn of the micro revolution.
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First Quarter 2000:
Vinnie Cilurzo, head brewer at  Korbel’s Russian River Brewery in Northern California, says yeast is the most important ingredient in beer.
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